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The Benefits of Aromatherapy

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Posted By Wendy Boulay

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Many people have heard of aromatherapy but have never attempted to utilize this natural and beneficial method for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and various other health concerns in the comfort of their home.

What is Aromatherapy?

According to the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, “Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils for improving and maintaining health and beauty.” Although it is commonly used to alleviate certain mental conditions, which in turn can improve your overall health and wellness, there is some clinical evidence showing that aromatherapy can be a valuable compliment in treating many other physical conditions alongside traditional medications.

How to Use Aromatherapy

Most often aromatherapy is applied via body massage, but there are several other methods of treatment that can be practised at home. Some of the most popular are:

  • Inhalers – Put 2-3 drops of essential oil(s) on the cotton insert of an inhaler. This method is very convenient as inhalers are small and can be taken anywhere.
  • Diffusers – Add a wonderful and natural scent to your home or office while gaining the benefits of wellness. This is a very popular technique.
  • Baths and Foot Baths – Place a few drops into your running bath or foot bath for a luxuriously relaxing and uplifting spa experience in your own home!
  • Skin Care – Essential oils can be extremely beneficial for regular skin care and skin conditions. Nevertheless, always speak with your doctor before attempting to treat any condition.

Essential Oils

While not technically oils, essential oils are non-oily aromatic liquids that occur naturally in many plants, flowers, herbs, woods, etc. They fundamentally contain the “life force” of the plant and are the basis of all aromatherapy. They are highly concentrated and should never be used undiluted as they can cause a rash, itching, hives and, in some cases, even pain. In fact, they are so concentrated that only a drop or two is needed to experience the benefits.

Many essential oils are contra-indicated for certain conditions such as pregnancy, sun exposure, and other health issues; therefore, always consult a doctor before use. Because there are several kinds of essential oils as well as different types, a reference book regarding their diverse use is highly recommended.


The health advantages of aromatherapy are abundant, but remember that its practice is never meant to replace any medications prescribed by a physician – it is typically used as a complimentary treatment. It can, however, help enormously in reducing daily stress and in creating a powerful sense of well-being. Always speak with your doctor before beginning any form of aromatherapy treatment.



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