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The Importance of Vaccines

Posted By Wendy Boulayat October 21, 2014

The Importance of Vaccines There has been a growing debate over the last few years, both online and in social media, as well as in general every day discussions, that vaccinating may not be a healthy option for you or your child.




Sugar: How Much Should We Consume?

Posted By Wendy Boulayat September 16, 2014

Sugar: How Much Should We Consume? More and more, we are hearing reports that suggest Canadians should reduce their sugar intake. With no clear recommended amount set by Health Canada, we are often left feeling confused about what




Depression: The Causes and Signs

Posted By Wendy Boulayat August 28, 2014

Depression: The Causes and Signs There has been a lot of discussion lately focused around depression. Perhaps sparked by the recent death of comedian Robin Williams, many people are left wondering what are the causes and signs of




Stress and Fat Intake

Posted By Wendy Boulayat July 22, 2014

Is Stress a Metabolism Booster? Although it is a popular belief that stress can speed up a slacking metabolism, recent studies have shown that it can have quite the opposite effect. Everyday stress is a normal part of our lives today, and c




The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Posted By Wendy Boulayat June 28, 2014

The Benefits of Aromatherapy Many people have heard of aromatherapy but have never attempted to utilize this natural and beneficial method for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and various other health concerns in the comfort of their h




Nordic Walking – The Newest Health Trend in Fitness for All Ages!

Posted By Wendy Boulayat June 4, 2014

Nordic Walking - The Newest Health Trend in Fitness for All Ages! Many people are already aware of the health benefits that walking daily for exercise can provide, but most people have not heard of Nordic Walking; the newest wave of fitness




The Importance of Medication Management

Posted By Wendy Boulayat April 17, 2014

Very often, many older adults require medication to cure, alleviate, or control certain conditions or ailments. Sometimes, however, this means that many people are taking a wide variety of prescriptions/OTC (over the counter) drugs and this can lead




Not Getting Enough Sleep? The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Posted By Wendy Boulayat March 24, 2014

  Studying? Working? Family time? Most people feel that there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish the many tasks they have. While cutting back on bedtimes might seem like the easiest solution, it’s not without some serious risks




Finding Doctors in Canada

Posted By Kathleen Cheongat January 20, 2014

Are you or someone you know looking for a family doctor? Many Canadians do not have a family doctor and are desperately searching for one. Each Canadian province offers it's own resources in assisting residents with their search for a family docto




Access to Medical Experts in Canada

Posted By Kathleen Cheongat November 25, 2013

Best Doctors is a valuable health resource offering multiple services to over 30 million members in 70 countries.




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