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Access to Medical Experts in Canada

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Posted By Kathleen Cheong

Best Doctors is a valuable health resource offering multiple services to over 30 million members in 70 countries.

Medical services include the following:

– InterConsultation: Access to top medical specialists who will review your file and offer you their in-depth knowledge regarding your diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

– Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service (EDIS): If you require an MRI or CAT scan, Best Doctors will arrange it for you within 3 business days.

– FindBestDoc: If you are looking for a particular physician, a nurse registered with Best Doctors will find you one according to your location and other specifications.

– Ask the Expert: Personal contact with a leading physician who will answer your medical questions in writing within 5 business days.

– FindBestCare: Assistance with finding a medical specialist outside of Canada. Best Doctors global database includes over 53,000 contacts in 450 specialties.

– Medical Records eSummary: All of your medical files collected on a USB key.

– Best Doctors 360°®: A plethora of tools and resources at your fingertips so you can research your medical condition with information you trust.

How does Best Doctors build their database? By surveying physicians and asking them to evaluate their peers. There is no fee to be part of Best Doctors and Best Doctors do not pay doctors to be part of the program.

For more details on their extensive surveying process, please visit the Best Doctors website.

Best Doctors is available through many health insurance plans or can be purchased directly for a fee of $150.00 per year for individuals and $225.00 for families.

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