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Prescription Drug Insurance: Is Group Coverage Enough? (Part 2)

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This article provides information to Canadians about the coverage surrounding prescription drug insurance.

Now that you have become acquainted with the ins and outs of drug insurance and are aware of your current coverage, it is important to properly consider your needs. Although you may think you are properly covered by your group plan these types of insurance have their limitations.

Prescription DrugsRather than reading the paper next time you are having your morning coffee, take a few minutes to see what types of drugs your group plan will cover. You can generally find this information in the pamphlet provided by your insurance company. You might be surprised at the frequently prescribed medications which are not covered by group insurance.

With the increasing number of medications prescribed by doctors and the rising cost of prescription drugs, you might want to consider a personalized prescription drug insurance plan. Unlike group plans which offer moderate coverage, prescription drug insurance for individuals offers the benefit of increased and tailored coverage designed to supplement your existing plan. You have the ability to choose a plan that fits your needs and budget.

It is also important to consider the long term benefits of a prescription drug insurance plan for individuals. Illnesses such as type-two diabetes and heart disease are reaching epidemic status throughout North America. Of course we all try to live a healthy lifestyle and do our best to avoid getting sick but we never know when we might need medical care. This care can often come in the form of long-term drug treatment. Unfortunately, taking a pill in the morning or even three can become part of our daily routine for an extended period of time. Take this into account when thinking about your coverage. Group plans often cover medication for a limited period or percentage of the total cost. If you should ever need prescription drugs for a prolonged period you will be happy to have chosen a plan with long-term coverage.

It is critical to protect yourself by being conscious of your current coverage. Once you are informed of what your plan takes into account, think about whether it truly meets all of your needs. Do you feel comfortable with your current group plan? The answer should be a resounding yes! If not, consider tailored prescription drug insurance for individuals and ensure your peace of mind.


About the Author:
Adriana Stefania is a freelance writer for Canada Health Insurance. For more information on health insurance for Canadians please visit