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This page discusses the natural healing practices and use of natural medicines by a naturopath to treat diseases and ailments.

Naturopathy is a form of medicine unlike any other, combining new age scientific knowledge with traditional and natural healing practices. Naturopaths are doctors in their own right and highly-devoted to their expertise. Using a distinct approach to health care, together with equally-distinctive tools of the trade, they treat ailments by encouraging the body and/or mind to heal itself through various measures.

The warning signs of disease in an individual are viewed as an intrinsic, deep-rooted problem, such as an imbalance or malfunction in the bodyís processes and negative, unwholesome day-to-day living habits. A naturopathís prime philosophy underlines treating an illness by way of a step-by-step course of action leading to recovery.

Even though a doctorís referral is not required to visit a naturopath, certain supplemental health insurance companies do include coverage for such services in their policies.

Naturopathy as an Option
Natural Remedies Children and seniors, as well as all life stages in-between, can benefit from naturopathic healing. Many deem it an effective alternative method for treating both acute and chronic illnesses, whether physical or psychological. A naturopathís typical clientele can be divided into three groups:

  • Those in pursuit of natural preventive measures against disease as well as strategies to better promote good health.
  • Those suffering from existing symptoms of a potential condition or illness that has not yet been addressed, be it a search for treatment of their own initiative or with the aid of a medical doctor.
  • Those who have not been diagnosed with any disease, but are nevertheless looking for alternative venues of treatment.

In many cases, discovering the root of a health-related issue through naturopathy brings about a fresh outlook and awareness in the patient, creating renewed hope in symptom management and well being. Once the source of the problem has been determined, the naturopath employs one or a series of natural-based techniques designed to help the patient better cope with their affliction.

The Diagnostic Measures
Naturopaths use both traditional and modern-day medical tools for diagnosing the patient and settling on the best plan of action for subsequent treatment. These tools usually include:

  • a review of the patientís past medical records
  • an appraisal of the patientís eating habits and patterns
  • a complete physical evaluation
  • tongue and pulse diagnosis (a traditional Chinese medical test)
  • patient specimen analysis (e.g. blood, urine, saliva)
  • laboratory testing equipment (e.g. x-ray films, MRIís, scans)

The Natural Answer to Treatment
Naturopaths take several factors into account before choosing a method of treatment for the patient. As every personís makeup differs from anotherís, so do their emotional, spiritual and social disposition, as well as their environment and lifestyle. For this reason, naturopathy involves the use of various therapies to help the patient regain control of their physical, psychological and emotional state. Among the most common methods of remedy used by natural health healers are:

  • dietary alteration and nutrition supplements
  • phytotherapy (botanical medicine)
  • homeopathy
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • acupuncture
  • physical treatment (e.g. soft tissue massage and manipulation, hydrotherapy, fitness therapy, electrical impulse stimulation)
  • preventive and life counselling sessions directed at assessing the patientís emotional state, pinpointing stress triggers, discussing diet, exercise, and work.

Naturopathy Today

Nowadays, more and more patients are seeking out naturopathic medical practitioners. As a result, the number of practicing naturopaths is rapidly increasing to meet the growing trend. Ultimately, the future of natural medicine could potentially shift from being simply labeled ďalternativeĒ to joining the ranks of the mainstream.