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Edmonton Health Insurance

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This page provides information to Canadians about Edmonton health insurance.

Residents of Edmonton, Alberta are provided with complete insurance coverage for the medically-necessary services of general doctors, surgical physicians and some health care specialists through the AHCIP, an acronym for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. This division of the provincial government, working in agreement with the Canada Health Act, also provides coverage for certain oral and dental surgical procedures.

Edmonton Health InsuranceRegistering and Qualifying for Edmonton Health Insurance Benefits
All citizens of Edmonton, who are entitled to the province’s health care program, including new arrivals to the city and returning inhabitants, are required to submit a formal application in order to receive medical benefits. Any dependent family members of the applicant need to register with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan as well. To enlist, candidates must visit their local licensed registry agent office to fill out the proper AHCIP coverage forms, and supply the necessary personal documentation confirming their identity, permanent residence in Edmonton and lawful right to live in Canada.

AHCIP Services Covered
The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan offers the Edmonton resident medical coverage for a number of fundamental services, whether they are administered within the city, or elsewhere across Canada. These benefits include physical exams, emergency surgeries, nursing care, hospital accommodations and meals, and use of equipment as well.

The costs for personal aid devices such as aortic valve implants, pacemakers, metal pins/plates and prosthetic joints are covered by the AHCIP. Patient diagnostic services required for illness prevention or assessing a course of treatment, such as blood work, lab testing and radiology, are also included benefits under the province’s health plan. Additionally covered are medicines, serums and inoculations prepared and dispensed in-hospital (based on AHCIP regulations), plus patient access to physiotherapy and radiotherapy equipment.

A limited line of dental care, vision care and podiatry benefits is provided; however, only part of the total cost for these services (up to a maximum dollar amount annually) are paid by the AHCIP (some out-of-province restrictions apply). The actual benefit year runs between July 1st and June 30th.

Another area of supplemental AHCIP coverage comes in the form of “Provincewide Services”. These consist of very specialized medical procedures, such as organ transplantations or extensive heart operations. Such complicated undertakings are only insurable when carried out successfully in one of Alberta’s two leading medical centres: Edmonton or Calgary.

Services Excluded
Certain fields of health care are left uninsured by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. For example, Edmonton residents are not covered for elective medical treatments, as well as surgical enhancements or reductions for mere cosmetic purposes. Also excluded from coverage are drugs prescribed outside a hospital facility, emergency ambulance transportation, standard dental services and eyewear expenses.

An Important Tip
Your health card and personal ID should be kept on your person at all times. To receive applicable AHCIP benefits for services rendered at a hospital, health clinic, laboratory facility or pharmaceutical outlet, patients must show their provincial health care card upon admission. A personal photo ID may also be requested before medical attention can be provided. Those who fail to present the required documents, or are disqualified from benefit coverage altogether, may be instructed to pay before obtaining the necessary health care.

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