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Tips on Finding a Doctor in Quebec

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This page provides tips on finding a doctor in Quebec.

With a population of approximately 8 million residents, it can be tricky to find a doctor in Quebec. Out of 21,000 practicing physicians, less than half of them are family doctors!

There are several resources for you to find a doctor in your province:

  1. Find your closest regular or network clinic (Montreal) (Montérégie) (Capitale-Nationale) (Laurentides)

Many walk-in clinics do not require an appointment and you might be able to have access to a general practitioner at one of these locations. A network clinic, created to help reduce the congestion in hospital emergency rooms, must be open at least 12 hours a day during the week and 8 hours over the weekend.  Most network clinics are open 365 days a year, even on holidays, without appointment.

  1. Consult with your local Centre local de service communautaires (CLSC)

Each CLSC is managed locally, meaning that each location offers distinct services. One may specialize in pre and post- natal care whereas another may offer emergency services and a walk in clinic. Checking with the resources at your city’s CLSC may assist you with your doctor search.

  1. Visit your nearest Health and Social Services Centre (Montreal) (Montérégie) (Capitale-Nationale) (Laurentides)

A CSSS focuses on offering medical and social services within a specific territory. It governs over the CLSCs, public residential centres and in some cases, certain nearby hospitals. Note that priority is given to the elderly (70 years old and over), pregnant women, those suffering from chronic disease or anyone who has recently left the hospital and needs a follow up.

  1. Research

Available in French, this website allows you to search for a physician based on service and region. Unfortunately, there is no information about whether or not the doctors are accepting new patients.

  1. Family Medicine Group (GMF) (Montreal) (Montérégie) (Capitale-Nationale) (Laurentides)

If you are successful in obtaining a doctor and he is part of a GMF, you can register for free with that group. A GMF is a group of doctors that work together closely with nurses in order to develop a better relationship with their patients to help prevent and treat health issues. If you change doctors or your doctor leaves the group, your registration will end. If your doctor leaves the GMF, you will be able to change to another doctor in the group who is accepting new patients (or with a doctor from another group).

Hopefully one of the resources above will assist you in your search for a doctor in Quebec.