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Winnipeg Health Insurance

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This page provides information to Canadians about Winnipeg health insurance.

Winnipeg’s public health insurance system is supplied by Manitoba Health, a subsidiary of Canada’s larger Medicare program. Each eligible resident of the city has full access to physician care and hospital services viewed as medically necessary.

Some physicians work beyond the limits of the provincial plan’s guidelines and are thereby required to bill their patients directly for services provided.  Oftentimes, in such cases, Manitoba Health will issue a reimbursement.

Presenting a personal Manitoba Health card is the key to requesting or receiving doctor care, emergency room treatment and admission to a hospital facility, as well as a host of other medical-related services. Residents who are entitled to the health plan’s benefits, but do not have a provincial health card, are urged to complete an application form and submit it in order to obtain medical coverage.

Winnipeg Health InsuranceEligibility Requirements
To qualify for Winnipeg medical insurance through the Manitoba Health plan, candidates must be of Canadian citizenship or possess legal status as a Canadian immigrant (as specified under the Health Services Insurance Act). Furthermore, while applicants must be living permanently in Manitoba, they are also required to be physically present in the province a minimum of 6 months per calendar year.

Medical Services Offered
Manitoba Health financially covers Winnipeg residents for physician services and hospital-administered care deemed crucial to patient recovery. Health card holders and their dependents can receive benefits as needed, including, but not restricted to, physician care and treatments, emergency surgical procedures, anaesthetic injections, radiology, patient diagnostic testing and certain other services ordered by a medical doctor.

Outside the basic circle, Manitoba Health offers the people of Winnipeg a limited range of coverage in some areas of extended medical care. For instance, residents under 19 years old or over 64 are entitled to one comprehensive routine vision exam by an optometrist every 2 years. Chiropractic services are insured as well, up to a 12-visit maximum per citizen, per calendar year. Oral and dental surgeries may be further covered by the plan in cases of emergency or when hospital admission is necessary.

Insured hospital services include standard room and meal accommodations, essential nursing care, emergency room and equipment usage, surgical implements, prescription drugs dispensed in-hospital, and certain physical therapeutic practices.

Winnipeg residents are not insured through Manitoba Health for care or treatments based solely on personal choice, or surgical operations designed to enhance or reduce aspects of the body for cosmetic reasons.

Newcomers from Outside the Province
Persons moving to Winnipeg from another part of Canada are entitled to Manitoba’s health care benefits. To sign up for the provincial medical plan, applicants need to complete a registration form and submit the health card assigned to them from their previous provincial or territorial plan, as well as their proof of citizenship to Canada. Upon application approval, their coverage will begin on the first day of the third month after their official arrival date to the city.

Newcomers from Outside the Country
Persons moving to Winnipeg from abroad may be entitled to Manitoba Health coverage. To apply, foreigners need to submit photocopies of all important documents supporting their legal identity and status in Canada (e.g. passport, immigration and citizenship papers). In addition, similar documents belonging to any associated dependents need to be presented at the time of application.

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