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Canada Health Insurance Introduction

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Canada is recognized for its effective health care system. Although provincial governments provide its citizens with basic health insurance needs, there are many important health care factors that are overlooked.

When it comes to health insurance, all provincial governments offer limited coverage. The following is a list of what most governments cover in full:

  • Supplemental Health Insurance One eye examination every 24 months
  • Basic ward accommodations in hospital
  • Regular physician visits

It is important to note that this list is not reflective of all the health insurance plans across Canada. Some provinces do not even provide full health insurance coverage for these basic needs, while others provide full coverage for more.

Many families throughout Canada are left without proper coverage for regular dental care, vision care, prescription drugs, and unforeseen health care emergencies.

This is the main reason why supplemental health insurance is important to have. For a small price a day, you are providing yourself and your family with the proper health coverage needed to account for many unforeseen expenses that are not covered by the government system.

Browse through the rest of the site to learn more about supplemental health insurance. Read about dental insurance, drug coverage, and discover the individual government coverage of your own province.

Find a Doctor
Finding a doctor can be a time consuming and frustratating experience. Here are some tips on finding a Doctor.
Find a doctor in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec (other provinces to follow).


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