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Prescription Drugs

- Individuals up to 19 years receive 100% coverage.
- Individuals 65+ and their spouse receive 100% coverage.
- Individuals receiving social assistance are provided with 100% coverage.
- Individuals with certain chronic diseases receive 100% coverage.

Dental Care

- Children in kindergarten to Grade 8 receive coverage for dental services and oral surgical procedures if performed in a hospital. 
- Individuals 65+ receive coverage for up to $1,400 every 2 years for dental services and dentures.

Vision Care

- Seniors over 65 are offered 100% coverage under the Pharmacare program for examination, and partial coverage for lenses and frames.
- Children’s Drug & Optical Program offers 100% coverage for one eye examination every two years and partial coverage for lenses and frames every 2 years.

Hospital Care

- Coverage is available for basic ward accommodations.

Health Specialists

- There is no coverage available except for Physiotherapy services when performed in hospital.

Homecare and Nursing

- There is nursing home coverage for acute care only.

Ambulatory Services

- There is no coverage available.

Hearing Aids

- Individuals under 16 years who are not covered by their parent's employer plan receive 100% coverage.
- Individuals over 65 are covered for one hearing aid every 4 years.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

- The Chronic Disease Program provides 100% coverage for those individuals in the program pending an annual deductable of $250-$500 deductable per family.
- The Pharmacare Program offers some coverage to seniors over 65.

For further details, contact the Yukon Department of Health and Social Services.


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